Expat Leaders, Global Crisis & “Forced Change”

We’ve spent the last two months talking to expat leaders about life in this unexpected new world. Truth is there is no consensus. Some are using the time to better themselves through long-delayed learning platforms or books or courses. Others are beating themselves up for NOT doing those things. Some are looking deep into their own motivations and drivers, trying to see what this crisis is trying to teach them. Clearly, we all are handling this differently.

One central thought that comes up over and over is the unexpected beauty of “forced change.” A business unit head in China commented that “we have been forced to do things differently… But in crisis, we adapted, we worked through the hurdles and damned if we weren’t surprised with what we accomplished and learned.”

Bottom line is that virtually nobody would think that a business could survive and thrive without constant face-to-face contact and idea sharing. Once pressed to adapt to technology and categorize the pros and cons, execs have been able to find ways to use the crisis to actually enhance quicker decision making, faster collaborative techniques and better ways of working.

What’s working for you as we begin this re-boot process? What have you learned? What’s the biggest surprise?


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