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The pressure and stress of an expat assignment might come with the territory, but it shouldn’t be at the center of your journey.

Your Executive Expat Coaching Experience

We take a holistic approach to

providing insights & advice for elevating your expat experience.

Your Company's Initiatives

Your company has put a lot of faith (and a significant investment) in you to fix specific issues and achieve specific goals.

Your Team Dynamics

All leaders must balance unique talents, personalities, and conflicts. However, expat execs must do all of that with complex cultural nuances in the mix.

Culture Assessments

Our vetted and science-based culture profiles provide insights into the often hidden communication preferences and obstacles for you, your team, and even your company’s culture. 

Your Unique Skills & Challenges

Expat leadership often tests your patience and challenges your gifts. In coaching, we help you identify new angles for approaching problems that still lean to your strengths.  

Your Family's Adventures & Struggles

This journey isn’t yours alone.
We also want your family, both those who join you and who stay behind, to adjust well and reach their own hopes for their international experience.  


The Unknown

It’s common for expat executives to be side-swiped by big problems that were building below their radar. Coaching helps you build awarenesses you didn’t know you needed.  

“My world changed when I found a coach. I finally saw perspectives I was missing. Resources I didn’t know were available. Skills I didn’t know I needed. And validation I didn’t know I needed.”

Make the Shift

Every exapt assignment can be transformed, and transform you. Our programs help expat execs make the shift from feeling overwhelmed and running a gauntlet to intentional and informed action that makes the entire experience not only more successful, but also more joyful – for you, your family, and your team.

What to expect on our first call

Our first call is a simple conversation. We listen to learn – about your expat experience and challenges. If we feel like there’s a good fit, we then talk about which executive coaching program best fits your professional and personal goals – including the assessments we provide, optional team workshops, and coaching calls.

Dear Expat Exec,

While expat execs share commonalities, your expat experience is unique to you. 

I have a passion for helping expat executives because, at one point, I was in the thick of my first international assignment. Being honest, I was prideful, stubborn, and scared to ask for help. My company put faith in me (not to mention a huge investment) to “save the day.” Unfortunately, I didn’t know where my blindspots were. 

After reaching my breaking point, I learned that it’s the expats who  try to figure it all out on their own are the ones who struggle the most. The learning curve is achievable, but it’s steep and slow. It’s easier to get myopic – focusing on one problem and not seeing a bigger one developing somewhere else.

My world changed when I found a coach. I finally saw perspectives I had been missing. I discovered resources I didn’t know were available. Skills I didn’t know I had. Next thing I knew, the entire expat experience became joyful – for me, my family, and my team.

If you feel like your expat journey could benefit from that kind of shift, then I look forward to our conversation!


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