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Strategy & Support for navigating
the challenges that come with discovering new worlds.

You’ve chosen to be in a new land to support your partner and their career. But you’re not just “tagging along.” You’re also forging your own path …

Being an Expat Partner:

The Experience in a Nutshell

Of course, every expat partner experience is unique. But talk to enough expat partners (and “visa holders”) and you’ll hear some common themes throughout each expat experience.
Relocating to a new country is exciting, nerve-wracking, and adventuresome for everyone. And with expat partners, there’s an added layer of consideration. You’re traveling with, for, and because of your partner. As a unit, you’ve decided that this journey is worth its possibilities, … and potential stressors.
When you first land as an expat, it’s a shock to the system – both in amazing ways and agitating ways. As you both take in all the new customs, cuisines, and community, you’re also finding your new routine, trying to get settled in, and searching for where you could feel like you belong.
It’s inevitable. And, it’s okay. Every partnership has its speed bumps. And an expat journey is bound to bring about a few.
Together, you and your partner are building a new life – both as a couple and individually. Even though you are on this journey together, the experience can feel lonely and, at times, isolating. Finding the activities and relationships that make you feel “at home” can be a difficult, but necessary process in a foreign land.
The expat experience can be everything you hope it to be. It just takes clarity in what you want, communicating and planning with your partner, and discovering experiences and relationships that will stay with you for a lifetime.


After a few years in your host country, you finally have your routine and feel at home. And that’s usually when it’s time to repatriate or move for a new assignment. And the cycle continues…

What’s also at Stake

The expat experience can put a strain on your relationships – especially between you and your partner. It’s unfortunate that, right now, 75% of expat partners divorce after expat assignments. This doesn’t have to be the case!
When someone climbs Mount Everest, they hire an experienced guide. The expat experience can be an emotional Mount Everest for couples. And companies aren’t providing “sherpa’s” for couples who leave on this epic journey.
It’s up to you to find the guide you need.

What We Cover in Expat Partner Coaching

Finding Your Own Path

Your partner’s path is pretty laid out. They have their work and teams to focus on. You, on the other hand, have a lot of decisions to make. How do you want to spend your time? What do you want to accomplish? How will you choose to thrive among all of these changes? In our coaching program, we’ll help you see all the options and find the path that best fits you!

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Expat assignments can be an emotional roller coaster. Our coaching calls give you the space to process changes and the tools you need to adapt to your changing world. Our coaching empowers you to take your next steps with intention and confidence.

Family Logistics

For many expat partners, you’re in charge of making sure your family is also taken care. Schools, healthcare, socializing, … you’re likely the go-to coordinator for all of these things. We can help you navigate all of these important decisions by providing insights and resources for each step of the way. Plus, when you comfortably know that your family is set up for success, you can devote time and energy to your own adventures!

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