The Journey:

A Retreat for Expat Executives & Significant Others

Navigating Culture, Improving Communication, Building Community
A 3-day retreat experience that gives expat executive couples the tools to create the expat adventure you both dream of, while managing the nuances of professional and personal multi-cultural dynamics.

About the Journey

Expat assignments are exciting and filled with opportunities. The assignments also come with expectations and pressures that affect both the expat executive and their significant other. International companies are pretty good about providing help with logistics, moving costs, and (often) surface-level culture classes. But very little attention is given to ways to support the couple as they both face many unknowns. And, unfortunately, the expat experience can be a very testing experience for couples.

About  the Hosts

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Active &

This 3-day experience is designed to help couples escape from day-to-day pressure and stress. Our retreats help you both unwind and enjoy the luxuries of getting away, while taking part in facilitate activities and exercises that help you both communicate and connect, so that together you can plan the next stages of your expat experience.

Grow Your Expat Community & Network

Expat assignments can be isolating for couples. Few people can understand the ups and downs couples go through when abroad. The Journey Retreat brings together a community of like-minded, cultured, resourceful, empathetic, and growth-focused couples for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Expat Parenting (optional track)

Parent isn’t easy. And expat parenting comes with challenges no one could have prepared you for. In our parenting track, we share helpful resources and facilitate conversations on how the whole family can be cared for and grow from a multi-cultural opportunity.

Our Locations

We select locations around the world that ensures your Journey together feels like a retreat. We love our attendees to enjoy beautiful scenery, gourmet food, and excellent service. We take care of the details so you can escape together.






We are putting together dates and locations for upcoming retreats at the end of 2022. Join the Waitlist and be among the first to be notified with our retreat announcements. Seating is limited as we cultivate and curate a high-caliber program and unique activities for our couples.

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